Days With My Father

Days With My Father, Author Phillip Toledano...

I just finished read this book...

Buku ni sangat best... Kisah benar author tentang perjalanan hidupnya bersama Ayahnya selepas kematian ibu/isteri tercinta...

A little bit bout this book:

Sometimes, when we're talking, my dad will stop, and sigh, and close his eyes.

It's then that I know that he knows.

About my mum.

About everything.

Days With My Father is a son's photo journal of his aging father's last years. Following the death of his mother, photographer Phillip Toledano was shocked to learn of the extent of his father's severe memory loss. He started a blog on which he posted photographs and accompanying reflections on his father's changing state..

Through sometimes sad, often funny, and always loving observations, we follow Toledano as he learns to reconcile the elderly man living in a twilight of half memories that his father has become, with the ambitious and handsome young man he occasionally still sees glimpses of. Days With My Father is an honest and moving reflection about coming to terms with an aging parent.


Memula baca buku ni pun saya sudah rasa sebak.. Penceritaan yang sangat ringkas tapi mampu membuatkan pembaca 'masuk' ke dalam cerita ni.

The last note before ayah penulis ni meninggal membuatkan saya tersentuh;

For Helena

The wonderful years spent with you, shared with you will soon be coming to an end. I've wanted to convey to you these feelings of remembrance of sharing my life with you. Of appreciation for what you have queen Phillip and me.
(Copy dari surat yang ditulis oleh ayah Philip)

Ayah philip teramat sayangkan isterinya.. Kematian isterinya secara tiba-tiba membuatkan dia tidak dapat menerima hakikat ini. Selama 3tahun Philip terpaksa membohongi ayahnya dengan mengatakan ibunya di Paris sedangkan hakikatnya ibunya sudah meninggal! :(

You must read this book... Yes, MUST READ! Sebab buku ni sangat-sangat best...

P/s: semoga Allah temukan saya dengan insan yang mampu menerima saya seadanya, yang mampu menyayangi saya seperti insan di atas.. InsyaAllah... Amin

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